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‘The Way to Bhutan’ in Wasafiri 31/1 (March 2016), 48-49

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William Empson’s The Face of the Buddha, edited and with a substantial introduction by Rupert Arrowsmith (Oxford University Press, June 2016)

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Modernism and the Museum: Asian, African and Pacific Art and the London Avant Garde (Oxford University Press 2011)

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‘A Meeting with Angelo da Fonseca’ in Mundo Goa, V. Menezes (Ed.), January 2014

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‘Angelo da Fonseca: Portrait of an Eclectic Genius’ in Art India Magazine, (lead article & cover, Fourth Quarter, 2014)

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‘Being a monk in Myanmar: Personal transformation in a changing country’, CNN World Report, 15 Oct 2013

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Article:  ‘Spring Pictures: The Assymetric Art of William Empson’, Times Literary Supplement, 2 Dec 2011, 18-19

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‘Art, Dance & Sex in the Early Twentieth Century’, Wasafiri (lead article and cover) Autumn 2011, 39-49

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‘The Transcultural Roots of Modernism’, Modernism / Modernity, 18/1 (Jan 2011), 27-42

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‘An Indian Renascence and the Rise of Global Modernism’, The Burlington Magazine, 152/1285 (2010), 228-235

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‘Jacob Epstein: The Indian Connection’, The Burlington Magazine, 150/1268 (2008), 742-48

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‘Myanmar Monasteries Offer Bootcamp for the Spirit’, USA Today, aired 29 Jul 2013

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‘Cosmopolitanism and Modernism’ - talk on cultural connections between Japan, India and Modernist London given at the London University School of Advanced Study in 2012

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‘Repainting Ajanta: The Global Impact of the Frescoes and their Copies’ - talk given at Oxford University in 2011

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