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Rupert Arrowsmith

“I cannot remember when I last came upon on a book as stimulating as Rupert Arrowsmith’s Modernism and the Museum: Asian, African and Pacific Art and the London Avant-Garde … Arrowsmith is that rare thing, an art historian who is equally well informed about the traditions of ‘West’ and ‘East’, ‘modern’ and ‘pre-modern’.”

Amitav Ghosh

“We’re only in June, but [The Face of the Buddha] must surely be one of the books of the year.”

Sunday Telegraph

“Arrowsmith is well versed in most, if not all, the many aspects of global artistic production … and writes knowledgeably about Asian, African, and Pacific objects as well as about London Modernism … It is a rare scholar who can move with such expertise across these fields, each with its own historiography.”

American Historical Review

“… the larger-than-life character of Rupert Arrowsmith, the Burma-based British cultural historian who has been twice ordained as a Buddhist monk, and who got about the festival in crisp white linen, looking and sounding like something out of Evelyn Waugh.”

The Guardian

“Arrowsmith’s finely written introduction [to The Face of the Buddha] complements Empson’s style in its mix of erudition and wit, and provides a compelling account of a unique journey which has its mirror in many others.”

Sydney Review of Books

"The introductory essay [to The Face of the Buddha] by Myanmar-based scholar and poet Rupert Arrowsmith is a tour de force of insights into [William] Empson, Buddhist art and Buddhism itself."

Peter Tasker

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Nat Sculpture, Mount Popa